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20 October 2018
The polls have closed for the 2018 General Local Elections and the results for Mayor and Councillor can be accessed Read More...
30 August 2018
Landslide risks increase greatly in areas affected by past forest fires. Read More...
8 June 2018
Water Quality Now Rated as Fair.  The Village of Ashcroft, in conjunction with Interior Health, have changed the water qualifty Read More...

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The Village of Ashcroft Finances are the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer. The five year financial plan is prepared and passed by Council by May 15th annually. Daley & Company LLP are the Village's auditors who do an annual audit February.  Financial Statements and the proposed Five Year Financial Plan are presented to the public at a Town Hall Meeting held in April.

The Annual Report and the Annual Water System Report are posted once they have been presented to Council.  Legislation requires that the reports be completed by June 30th annually.

Annual Reports

Please click here for a link to the Village's Annual Reports

Audited Financial Statements

2017 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2016 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2015 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2014 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2013 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2012 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2011 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2010 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2009 Audited Financial Statements( pdf)
2008 Audited Financial Statements( pdf)
2007 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)
2006 Audited Financial Statements ( pdf)

5 Year Financial Plans

Bylaw No. 812 - Five Year Financial Plan 2017 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 804 - Five Year Financial Plan 2016 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 800 - Five Year Financial Plan 2015 Amendment ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 794 - Five Year Financial Plan 2015 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 786 - Five Year Financial Plan 2014 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 781 - Five Year Financial Plan 2013 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 780 - Five Year Financial Plan 2012 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 771 - Five Year Financial Plan 2011( pdf)
Bylaw No. 768 - Five Year Financial Plan 2010 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 760 - Five Year Financial Plan 2009 ( pdf)
Bylaw No. 757 - Five Year Financial Plan 2008( pdf)

CARIP Reports

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2017 (pdf)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2016 pdf)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2015 ( pdf)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2014 ( pdf)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2013 ( pdf)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2012 ( pdf)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report for 2011 ( pdf)


SCIFSC Reports

SCIFSC 2014 Report ( pdf)